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  Shiko filma pa pare
Ja  ketu e keni nje web ku mund te kqyrni filma qfare jac don qefi


By Rock

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Comment posted by AoneddySpold( quonahqueebestmailonline.com ), 08/21/2017 at 10:00am (UTC):
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Comment posted by Drin( drinmazreku5gmail.com ), 01/22/2017 at 5:34pm (UTC):
Drin mazreku malishe

Comment posted by Drilon( drilondriloniilive.com ), 12/09/2013 at 3:31pm (UTC):
You are the best

Comment posted by blerim( blerimshulkuzbavitu.com ), 10/01/2013 at 12:25pm (UTC):
filemi rambo

Comment posted by Bajram( ar.balive.com ), 01/23/2013 at 4:26pm (UTC):
du mme pa filma amo jo memu koqit :S

Comment posted by afrimi( afrimi_z13hotmail.com ), 10/26/2012 at 11:05pm (UTC):
your are the best

Comment posted by fatlum( fatlumbatatinahotmail.com ), 07/31/2012 at 9:57am (UTC):
shum web i mir

Comment posted by elsoni( elsoni_hiphoplive.com ), 07/18/2012 at 4:00pm (UTC):

Comment posted by mentor( toli_cool44hotmail.com ), 03/16/2012 at 4:58pm (UTC):

Comment posted by Drilon( doni_b2nlive.com ), 07/26/2011 at 5:09pm (UTC):

Comment posted by taulant( lani_18lve.com ), 12/30/2010 at 4:41pm (UTC):
ku je

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